Artistic Direction
Paola Fornasari/Andrea Mannucci

Paola Fornasari, a mezzo-soprano, and Andrea Mannucci, respectively Presidents of Kairòs and the NED Ensemble, come together for a grand artistic project: the Festival of Contemporary Arts aims to be a moment of encounter and cross-pollination between art, music, literature, dance, and poetry with the purpose of creating a continuous synergy and becoming a point of reference and promotion for both Italian and international artists of high caliber.
The collaboration between these two associations has led to the initiation and implementation of new significant projects through bold choices that span from Baroque to world premieres, hosting prestigious names from the international panorama.
A festival that rewards the great productive and artistic effort of Kairòs and the NED Ensemble with the goal of engaging the audience, making them participants in the spectacular and performative construction of the new showcase.

Now in its fourth edition, the Festival dedicates an annual monographic concert to an internationally renowned composer. Among these, we remember Alessandro Solbiati, Marco Betta, Fabrizio de Rossi Re, Michele Dall’ Ongaro, and Nicola Sani.

IV Edition 2023


With Nicola Sani, Artistic Director of the Accademia Chigiana in Siena.

With Michele Dall'Ongaro, President of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome.

III Edition 2022

II Edizione 2021

Involvement of Marco Betta, Superintendent and Artistic Director of the
Teatro Massimo in Palermo.


Due compositori a confronto: Fabrizio De Rossi Re e Marco Betta

I Edition 2020

NED Ensemble

President and Artistic Director
Andrea Mannucci
Vice President
Gabriele Galvani
Claudia Camozzini

Principal Instrumentalists
Flute: Davide Baldo
Clarinet: Gabriele Galvani
Guitar: Matteo Murari
Piano: Flavia Casari/Francesco Orecchio
Violin: Miranda Mannucci
Cello: Afra Mannucci

Legal office
Via Grigolli 29
25015 Desenzano del Garda

The NED Ensemble was founded in 2006 through the collaboration of performers and composers who work closely together to produce musical works under the artistic direction of Andrea Mannucci, the artistic director of the NED Ensemble.
Over seventy composers have written and dedicated new compositions to the NED Ensemble, contributing to the creation of a chamber music repertoire that is among the most representative of contemporary music, not only in Italy. Among the most notable composers are E. Morricone, M. Montalbetti, C. Galante, A. Solbiati, N. Campogrande, G. Testoni, M. Betta, A. Molineux, Mats O Hansson, A. Pertout, and more.
Since 2006, the NED Ensemble has continuously organized the "Tra passato, presente e futuro" Festival, which features a rich program that alternates between great masterpieces of 20th-century music and new proposals performed as world premieres. These new compositions represent various directions of emerging artistic research, destined to shape the compositional poetics of future generations.
The NED Ensemble has accompanied prestigious internationally renowned soloists, including Francesca Dego, Anna Loro, Maurizio Sciarretta, and Jitka Hosprova.
Having performed at significant national and international festivals, the NED Ensemble has appeared on Radio3 and, in collaboration with the Kairòs Academy, founded the Festival of Contemporary Arts in Verona, featuring monographic concerts dedicated to composers Michele Dall’ Ongaro and Nicola Sani.

XV Festival of the NED Ensemble 2023


XIV Festival of the NED Ensemble 2022


XIII Festival of the NED Ensemble 2021


XII Festival of the NED Ensemble 2019
“Crossroads, strade incrociate"


XI Festival of the NED Ensemble 2018
“Between Tradition and New Perspectives”


X Festival of the NED Ensemble 2017


IX Festival del NED Ensemble 2016
"Between Past, Present, and Future"