MANNUCCI ANDREA (Pontremoli 1960)

from the catalog of Edizioni Suvini Zerboni Milano
Galleria del Corso, 4 Milano

Editorial Director: Alessandro Savasta

Promotion Manager

Solo Instrumental Music

BIRTHDAY WISHES (1997) for guitar (7')

BROKEN BONE BLUES (2009) for Bb clarinet (approx. 7')

TWO PIECES (2015) for piano (approx. 9')

THE WHITE ROSE for bass clarinet (approx. 4')

LOVE SONGS (2000). Six pieces for harp (30')

LULLABY (2015) for harp (approx. 4'30")

FOUR PRELUDES for solo cello (approx. 15')

BREATH, FINALLY, THE BLUE for solo flute (approx. 4')

SOLO (2012) for flute (4')

SONATINA for solo guitar (approx. 11')

THE SOUND IN YOUR MIND (2010) for solo violin. Revision by Laura Gorna (approx. 5')

VORTEX for piano (approx. 6’)

Chamber Music for Solo Instruments

ADAGIO SOSTENUTO (1988) for 6 instruments (approx. 7') ( - Pf. - Vibraphone - V. - Vc.)

A PIENA VOCE, Sonata for violin and piano (approx. 17') 2018

INTERMEDIATE ARIA (2005) for bassoon and vibraphone (approx. 7'30")

ARIOSO (2005) for Bb clarinet and piano (approx. 7')

FIVE PIECES (1994) for string quartet (approx. 11')

COLORS (1997) for four percussionists (approx. 14')

PRELUDE (2011) for ensemble (approx. 5') (Fl. - Cl. - Cr. - Perc. [Tp., Gc., Drums] - A.:

DEDICATION (1989) for string quartet and guitar (approx. 10')

EVERYBODY SING (1997) for oboe d'amore and instrumental ensemble (approx. 9')

MEXICO CITY BLUES (1995) for flute, clarinet, electric guitar, and piano (approx. 8')

INTERRUPTED MOVEMENT (2014) for violin and viola (approx. 5')

NON C’E’ PIU’ NESSUNO (2005) for instrumental ensemble (approx. 16')

PUPPETS for clarinet and piano (2023) (approx. 7')

PUT DOWN YR CIGARETTE RAG (2009) for string trio (approx. 5')

FOUR APHORISMS (2016). Version for flute and organ (approx. 6'30")

FOUR APHORISMS (2016). Version for flute and piano (approx. 6'30")

SIX SHORT PIECES (2015-16). Version for ensemble (approx. 18') (Fl. - Cl. - V. - Va. - Vc. - Pf.)

SEPTVIRI (1986/87) for 7 performers (approx. 8') (Fl. - Cl. - Vibraphone - Ar. - Guitar - V. - Cb.)

SEXTET (1987) for strings (approx. 8') (

SEVEN WORDS sentimental suite on a ghost text by Marco Ongaro for quintet with piano (approx. 35')

SILLOGE (2012) for viola and Fender trio (approx. 10') (Viola - Fender Stratocaster - Electric Bass - Fender Rhodes)

SILLOGE II (2013) for viola and small ensemble (approx. 11') (Cl. - Vc. - Pf.)

SONATA IN A SINGLE TIME for violin and piano (approx. 7') 2023

ZELDA AND FRANCIS, song version for ensemble (approx. 8') clarinet, horn, guitar, violin, cello, and piano

Chamber Music with Voices

KLOPSTOCK'S ARIA (2001) for soprano and piano on F. Klopstock's text (approx. 3’)


TWO ARIAS FROM "NAJA" (1995) for baritone and orchestra from A. Longoni's drama (approx. 11’)


TWO DUETS (2000) for soprano, tenor, and piano on Ida Travi's poems (approx. 9’)


TWO SONGS (1999) for tenor and piano on text from "The Sorrows of Young Werther" by J.W. Goethe from "The Curtain of the Soul" (By Evening - Found) (approx. 7’)


TWO GAZELLES for soprano and piano on texts by France Preseren (approx. 5’)


HOMUNCULUS (2012). Melologue for narrator and wind quintet on M. Ongaro's text (approx. 25’)


BIRTHDAY OR THE ARMY OF TREMBLING LEAVES (2000) for reciting voice and electronics on Francesco Permunian's story (approx. 35’)


THE MONOTONOUS UNIVERSE MAN (1990) for 8-voice choir, brass, organ, and reciting voice on G. Ungaretti's text (approx. 4’)


MADRIGAL (1997) for soprano and strings on texts by Catullus, Guarini, Petrarca, and Montale (approx. 14’)

NOVEMBER OF THE LIVING (2012). Melologue for voice and piano with text by M. Ongaro (20’)


THE HEM OF THE SKIRT HAS LIFTED (2011). Duet for soprano, tenor, and piano with text by I. Travi (3’30”)


THREE SONGS OF BLOK (1991) for soprano and nine performers with texts by Aleksandr Blok (12’)

DEATH WILL COME AND HAVE YOUR EYES... (1989) for soprano and chamber ensemble with texts by Cesare Pavese (14’)


FLYING TO OTHER SKIES IS MY LIFE (2011) for voice and piano with texts by C. Michelstaedter (7’)


ZELDA AND FRANCIS, song for soprano and tenor with a small ensemble


AT THE FEET OF EDEN (2015) for string orchestra (13’)


I CLOSE MY EYES AND SEE PEACE (1994) on poems by children from Sarajevo for voice, reciting voice, white voices choir, and 16 performers (approx. 6’)



TWO CHRISTMAS SONGS (2015) for voice and orchestra with texts by Ida Travi (9’)


ELEGY (1996) for chamber orchestra (approx. 8’)


ELEGY II (2007) for string orchestra (4’)


THE BEGINNING OF MELANCHOLY, violin concerto for strings and percussion orchestra (approx. 19') in 2017


THE DAUGHTER OF MEMORY, Concerto for String Orchestra dedicated to the memory of Beatrice Milani (approx. 30') in 2022


PIETA (1990) for an 8-voice choir, brass, organ, and reciting voice with text by G. Ungaretti (20’)


LOVE SONGS (2000). Six pieces for harp (30’)


MATTEO 26 (2014) for orchestra (17’)


MY COUNTRY IS SWEET ON THE OUTSIDE... (1998) for soprano and orchestra with texts by Nicolas Guillén (5’)


NIGHT SONG (1991) for string orchestra (8’30’’)


PRAYER (2014) for chamber orchestra (approximately 13 minutes)

( - - Strings)
Padua, Veneto Festival, Santa Caterina Church, June 17, 2014 - I Solisti Veneti, conducted by C. Scimone

6 SHORT PIECES (2015) for chamber orchestra (approximately 18 minutes)
( - - Percussion [Tp., Gc., G., Snare drum, Hi-hat, Ps.] - Pf. - Strings)
Desenzano, San Martino di Rivoltella Church, January 24, 2016 - Ned Ensemble Orchestra, conducted by A. Mannucci


ONLY FOR TODAY (2016) for soloists, choir, and orchestra with texts by Saint Pope John XXIII (approximately 10 minutes)
( - - Tp. - Percussion [Cp., Vibr., Glock., Tamb., Gc., G.] - Ar. - Strings)
Verona, Basilica of S. Zeno, December 2, 2016 - Choir and Orchestra of the "F.E. Dall'Abaco" Conservatory of Verona, conducted by P.C. Orizio

ON THE BRINK OF NOVEMBER (2012) for narrating voice and string orchestra with texts by M. Ongaro (6 minutes)
Rivoltella del Garda, San Biagio Basilica, April 3, 2012 - Cantelli Orchestra, conducted by A. Mannucci

THREE SONGS (2008) for voice and orchestra with texts by Ida Travi (approximately 12 minutes)
( - - Tp. - Percussion [Tamb., Glock., Gc., Ps.] - Ar. - Pf. - Strings)
Verona, Nuovo Theater, April 10, 2008 - Soprano D. Trivellato, Dall’Abaco Orchestra of Verona, conducted by A. Mannucci

THREE VISIONS (2012) for cello and orchestra (25 minutes)
( - - Xyl. - Tp. - Drums - Ar. - Pf. - Strings)

A CROSS LOADED WITH LOVE (approximately 14 minutes), 2017
San Francesco Church, Padua
Giulia Bolcato soprano
Padua and Veneto Orchestra
Clara Galuppo conductor

UNIVERSAL VESPERS, sacred cantata with text by Pope Francis from the Prayer of March 27, 2020
Version for 2 sopranos, reciting voice, concert violin, and orchestra
Carlotta Bellotto light soprano, Nadina Calistru lyric soprano, Filippo Tonon reciting voice, Miranda Mannucci concert violin, Orchestra l’Appassionata conductor Claude Villaret
Rome, Papal Basilica of St. John Lateran, November 14, 2022
XXI International Festival of Sacred Music and Art

DEATH WILL COME AND WILL HAVE YOUR EYES (1990) with texts by Cesare Pavese
Version for soprano and orchestra (approximately 15 minutes)

THE SINGING OF THE WISE CAPTAIN (1997). One-act opera with text by Gianfrancesco Turano (60 minutes)
(Cl. - Cello - Percussion [Gc., Tam., 3 Tot., Xyl., Ps., Trg., Tp., Vibr., Tt.] - Pf. - V. - Viola - Cello - Electronics)
(Reciter, 2 Sopranos, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Baritone)
Verona, Cloister of the Conservatory, July 14, 1997 - Students of the New Music Seminar, conducted by F. Mantovani (partial performance)


THE COMPUTER (2015). Computer act. Libretto by Marco Ongaro (23 minutes)
(Fl. - Cl. - Percussion [Gc., Snare drum, 4 Tot., Bass drum, Hi-hat, Pt.] - Pf. - 2 V. - Viola - Cello) (soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone)
Verona, Castelvecchio, Officers' Circle Hall, May 10, 2015 - Ned Ensemble, conducted by A. Mannucci

THE WICKED COOK (2004). Comic opera in two acts. Libretto by Marco Ongaro (approximately 90 minutes)
(Fl.-Ob.-Cl.-Fg.-Cr.-Tr.-Tb.- Percussion [2 performers]-A.
(Soprano, 2 Tenors, 2 Baritones, 1 Bass) - Madrigal Choir (2 Sopranos, 2 Contraltos, 2 Tenors, 2 Basses)
Verona, Nuovo Theater, March 4, 2005 - Orchestra and Choir of the "E.F. Dall’Abaco" Conservatory, conducted by D. Dini Ciacci

THE CAT IN THE HAREM (allegory of coexistence), one-act opera with text by Luis Gabriel Santiago (approximately 25 minutes)
New Musical Spaces, 40th edition of the Contemporary Music Festival
Pamela Oliveri actress, Stefano Stella bass, Annalisa di Ciccio, New Musical Spaces Ensemble, conducted by Andrea Mannucci

THE HAPPY PRINCE (2001). Musical tale with text by Oscar Wilde (approximately 60 minutes)
( - - Ar. - 3 Percussion [Tp., 2 Tamb., Ps., Xyl., 3 Tot., Trg., Gc., Tt.]) - A.)
(Reciter, Tenor, Baritone)
Verona, Nuovo Theater, April 23, 2001 - Orchestra and Choir of the Conservatory, conducted by A. Martelli

THE CURTAIN OF THE SOUL (1999). Musical tale with text from "The Sorrows of Young Werther" by J.W. Goethe (approximately 70 minutes)
( - - 3 Percussion [Tp., Xyl., Cp., Glock., Tam., Gc., Ps., Trg., Tt., N., Tab., Pt.] - Ar. - Pf. - A.:
(2 actors, 3 dancers, soprano, tenor)
Verona, Nuovo Theater, April 19, 1999 - Dall’Abaco Conservatory Orchestra, conducted by A. Martelli

KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE (2006). One-act opera in 12 scenes. Libretto by Marco Ongaro (approximately 60 minutes)
(Cl. in Bb- Alto Saxophone - Percussion [drum set] - Pf. - V. - Viola - Cello)
(Soprano, tenor, baritone)
Paris, Théâtre Rive Gauche, April 2, 2007 - Atelier de Création Lyrique "Appel d’Airs"

THE CHILD BRIDE, poetic opera in music (1 hour) with texts by various authors
for female voices, reciting voices, mimes, and cello
January 21, 2023, Verona, Hotel 2 Torri
Carlotta Bellotto, Nadia Calistru, Natascia Mastella, Keti Muzzolon, Antonio Martinelli
Texts by Paola Fornasari Patti, Rita Iacobone, Lidia Filippi
Afra Mannucci cello

THE ART OF FUGUE (2003). Multimedia action for actor, voice, piano, video, and electronic music with text by M. Ongaro (approximately 80 minutes)
Desenzano del Garda, A. Celesti Auditorium, April 12, 2003 - actor P. Valerio

MORO, lyrical tragedy in one act with text by Marco Ongaro
February 10, 2011
Reformed Church of Batignolles
Musical direction by Andrea Battistoni
Directed by Luigi Cerri
Staging and scenography by Luigi Cerri

IN THE SPACE OF CARLO SCARPA (2000). Choreographic action for electronic sounds (45 minutes)
Verona, Castelvecchio Museum, November 29, 2000

NOCTURNE (1998). Musical farce in one act with text by Balilla Pratella (45 minutes)
( - - Ar. - Pf. - Percussion [Tp., Xyl., Vibr., Tam., 4 Tot., Gc., Tt., Cp.] - A.) (Contralto, 2 tenors, baritone, bass)
Verona, "Futurist Music Theater" Festival, July 19, 1998 - Association of Friends of the Conservatory, conducted by A. Martelli

BETWEEN FLESH AND SKY (2022). Profane oratorio with texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1 hour and 20 minutes)
for 2 sopranos, reciting voice, and ensemble
Florentine Summer 2022, Le Murate Auditorium
Valeria Matrosova soprano, Valentina Piovano soprano, Filippo Lai reciting voice, Amo Ensemble, Francesco Gesualdi conductor

TRIPTYCH OF THE SMARTPHONE (approximately 30 minutes), 2019

Libretto by Marco Ongaro

"Love that no one loved," a passionate collision for voice, piano, cloak, and smartphone

"Believe me," a spiritual conflict for voices, piano, and smartphone

"I like it," a narcissistic joke for voices, piano, and smartphone

Carlotta Bellotto soprano

Simone Nocchi pianist and actor

Directed by Paola Fornasari Patti